b'the H E A LT H Y L I V I N G collectionNaturally scented with lavender& chamomile essential oilswith no added fragrances.CONDITIONINGHYDRATING NOURISHING SHOWER GEL & SHAVE CREAMBODY OILBODY LOTIONBUBBLE BATH Helps defend skinFast-absorbing body oilRich body creamCombination bodyagainst post-shavinghydrates thirsty skin. infused with skin-wash and bubble redness and irritation. 6 FL.OZ./180 ml$24 loving ingredients. bath leaves skin clean 8 FL.OZ./240 ml$24 12 FL.OZ./355 ml$24 and refreshed. 8 FL.OZ./240 ml$24REFRESHING FRAGRANCE MISTLight body spray with a gentle, relaxing fragrance. Only available in Lavender & Chamomile. 4 FL.OZ./120 ml$2414 | HeLi Body'