b'P O W E R E D W I T HPLEASURESeduce your senses with state-of-the-art technologies that push you pastthe edge of ecstasy. As you browse the catalog, look for the icons below to locate the toys with each feature. Caleoheats toMELT YOUR INHIBITIONS104f Expressing the warmth of arousal, this technology embeds a heating element within Euforia toys to add a new dimension of exhilarating heat to your desire. Caleo accessories warm to 104F/40C in minutes!Touch SensorAWAKEN DESIRE WITH ONE TOUCHThis exclusive technology is embedded with a contact-responsive sensor so the toy vibrates with the power of your touch. Plus, you can customize the vibration intensity of each pulsing pattern with just a swipe of your finger!HydrathrillRIDE THE WAVE OF ECSTASYVibrating at an ultra-penetrating, low frequency that travels best through liquid (and our bodies because theyre mostly water!), this technology sends intense vibrations through every inch of your body, helping you experience deeper, longer-lasting orgasms. 31'