b'SKINNY DIPCONDITIONINGDoubles as a decadent shower gel SHAVE CREAM and bubble bath for a steamy takeSmooth, soft skin is on good clean fun. the best accessory!8 FL.OZ./240 ml$22Banish bumps, redness, and irritation everywhere you shave.8 FL.OZ./240 ml$22REFRESHING FRAGRANCE MISTRefreshing body spray thatll give you an alluring kiss of fragrance all day long. 4 FL.OZ./120 ml$22HYDRATING BLUR THE LINESBODY OIL Titanis perfect for thoseSilky, ultra-hydratingwho prefer provocative body oil spray. Spritzmasculine scents.on after showering for skin that feels softerSHAMPOO AND BODY WASH*than ever. Invigorating 2-in-1 blend that cleans 7 FL.OZ./210 ml$22 and moisturizes head-to-toe.8 FL.OZ./240 ml$22*Only available in TitanNOURISHING BODY LOTIONRich and luxurious all-over body cream. Add a touch of indulgence to your daily beauty ritual.12 FL.OZ./355 ml$2203'