b'Pop theBubbly!PINK PROSECCOThis fragrance captivates withsparkling bergamot and sugared almonds over decadent crme brle. Fragrance DIRTY FRENCH CAPRI DREAMis everything Wild orchid and juicyFuses notes of blooming blackberries wrapped injasmine and dragon fruit drizzled whipped vanilla musk.with sweet agave nectar.Pictured on Page 4. Our must-have bath and bodyTITANproducts are available in theseSWEET FANTASIEA blend of spicy bergamot withseductive scents! An irresistible mix of sweetrich amber and fine leather.vanilla and pineapple sorbetNot available in Skinny Dip.topped with candied fruit. OAK & AMBER LOVE STORY Charred oak, salted mandarin, An alluring blend of sensualand musk. amber and warm vanilla.Not available in Skinny Dip.TRULY SEXY FLIRT HONEY & GOLD 02 | Bath Line A tempting bouquet of sheerHoney flowers, luminous golden jasmine and sparkling lemon. pear, and plush sandalwood.'