b'VA G I N A L H E A LT HA. B.GET SMART ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFEWith toy care and products designed with sexual wellness in mind, weve got everything you need to enhance your intimacy experience. C. D.A. BEN WA BALLS B. LIKE A VIRGIN C. VAGINAL DILATORD. EXERCISE-HER Silver-plated, weightedTightening creamSETGraduated dilatorsWeighted exercise balls exercise pelviccontracts vaginal wallscomfortably stretchballs for strengthening floor muscles andfor up to 24 hours.vaginal walls. Doctorpelvic floor muscles. heighten sexual arousal5 FL.OZ./15 mlrecommended. Silicone.Silicone. $25 $24$99 $3942 | Vaginal Health'