b'All AboutCBDFrom the bath to the bedroom, our CBD-infused1 WHAT IS CBD?body and intimacy products are made with CBDCBD (Cannabidiol) is a extracted from hemp. naturally occurring chemical compound in cannabis.In recent years, CBD has gained popularity as a natural remedy.2 CBD IS NOT THCBODY SOAK Unlike THC (the chemical Soak the cares of your day awaycompound most associated with epsom salts scented withwith marijuana), CBD islavender and chamomile andnon-psychoactive, so itinfused with 240 mg of CBD isolate. cant get you "high." 8 OZ./226 g$793 CBD & YOUR BODYCBD naturally interactswith the parts of yourbodys Endocannabinoid system that supportsoverall health and wellness. 4 ISOLATE VS. BROAD SPECTRUMCBD isolate is cannabidiol separated from all other compounds in hemp. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis/hemp plant, except THC. A. WATER-BASED LUBRICANT This gentle lubricant, formulated with 90 mg of CBD isolate, mimics your bodys natural moisture. 3 FL.OZ./90 ml $49B. MUSCLE RUB Help soothe and relax with this creamy muscle rub formulated with peppermint, menthol, and 180 mg of CBD isolate. 6 FL.OZ./180 ml $59C. ENDURANCE This gel, infused with 60 mg of CBD isolate, helps keep them in control for longer-lasting pleasure. 2 FL.OZ./60 ml $49D. MASSAGE MELT Relaxing lavender and chamomile scented massage melt with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and 100 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. 3.38 OZ./95 g $6920 | HeLi CBD'