b'C L I T O R A LEXPERTTake clitoral orgasms to the next level with bedroom accessories that invite your partner to the pleasure party (hello, wireless remote!) or enhance your experience with exclusive technology. A. B.A. EUFORIA C80 Unlock every inhibition with this heat-enhanced, dual-ended clitoral massager.12 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable.$249B. BOX OFFICE Discreet panty vibrator with magnetic tabs and wireless remote. 32 ft./10 m range. 10 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable.$149C. D. C. OPENING ACT Curvaceous clitoral vibrator perfect for foreplay or massage. 30 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable. $99D. JUST ONE TOUCH Wand vibrator with ridged massager and touch controls. 6 functions. Silicone.Bath-friendly. Rechargeable.$119E. HIDDEN AGENDA E. F. Bullet vibrator with wireless wristband remote for partner play. 32 ft./10 m range. 12 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable. $149F. UNCHARTED PLEASURE Small but versatile all-in-one vibrator. 7 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable. $109G. EXPOSED Teases the clitoris with dual motors. 10 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. G. H. Rechargeable. $129H. TIGHT CALL Vibrator with a quiet but powerful floating motor for clitoral play. 12 functions. 34 Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable. $99'