b'T H E main S Q U E E Z EA.Treat your partner to erotic encounters with toys that tantalize the penis, testicles, and more!SLEEVESSuper soft and designed to feel just like the real thing, sleeves have different textures inside that make a penis feel amazing, especially when youuse different strokes, twists, and pressures.great for couples play!1.Use Get A Grip on your partner while givingoral favors. (This is a great option if you havea gag reflex.)2.Use open-ended sleeves during intercourseto "shorten" a longer-than-average lover, or, ifyoure wanting to experiment with anal sex but youre worried about deep penetration, this isone way to play! RINGSC-rings are worn around the base of the penis or testicles. They help keep blood in the penis, B. so erections stay harder, longer. C-rings should fit snugly, but shouldnt be painful.A. GET A GRIP Reversible, dual-textured pleasure sleeve. Waterproof.$39B. VIBRATING SLEEVE MASSAGER Designed for every body with a penis, this sleeve lets you tease your way to C. ecstasy with a variety of delectable features including 3 different textures 9 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable.$79C. SILICONE PENIS RING SET Includes 3 flexible rings for your 40 pleasure. Silicone. Waterproof.$18'