b'M A S T E R ofM A S S A G EHEART MASSAGER*This reusable pack heats to 129F/54C and stays warm for a relaxing, body- melting massage.$18BETWEEN THE SHEETSLinen spray makes sheets feel like satin. Truly Sexy Flirt or Island Breeze.4 FL.OZ./120 ml$22HEART THROBThe luxury of a hot stoneDREAM ONmassageat home! StrokeVibrating round toytheir body with the reusablemassages muscle achesheat packs and intensify theor teases and pleases from experience by adding thehead to toe. 7 functions. included single speed bullets!Silicone. Bath-friendly. 1 AAA per bullet.$49 Rechargeable.$79H O T pursuits!BURNING DESIRELight the candle to create your own warm, fragrant soy massage oil.$30 Take time towarm up!HOT DATE NIGHTHeat up your nights FOREPLAY.with an intimate cardgame where everyone wins. and arousal areIncludes four sizzling decksthe most importantwith sexy questions andpart of the fun!suggestions.$2022 | Massage & Games *Color may vary.'