b'LANGUAGE & TERMINOLOGYLike any other environment, weve developed our own lingo over time for quick and effective communication. Heres a snapshot of some product and sales-focused terms and what they mean. There is an entire section of the training IT DOESNT STOP THEREsite dedicated to sexual wellness education.When you put the effort into product development, itClitoral Stimulation: A small mass of erectile shows. Thats why we go all in when it comes to sourcing,tissue in the female that is situated at the research, and more. anterior apex of the vulva, near the meeting Sourcing Product of the labia majora that, when stimulated, can We take into account a range of factors including leadlead to strong sexual arousal and powerful time, cost, environmental impact, and technical specs whenorgasms. Research has shown that on average making decisions about materials and components our80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach suppliers use to make our products. an orgasm.Research and Development Process FDA Cleared: A descriptor for an item that has We take great care and consideration when creatingundergone a 510(k) submission and has been products. Our Product Development team conducts rigorousawarded clearance by the FDA after review. testing to ensure items meet the highest standards ofOften mentioned as a way to note a product or efficacy and safety before they hit the shelves. We never rushelements safety and/or efficacy for personal a productwe only introduce them once they have beenuse. For us, FDA clearance denotes a products thoroughly tested to make sure they are absolutely perfectcompatibility with various types of condoms.for you and your customers. Functions, Speeds, Patterns: Functions is the Caring for Products catch-all term for different types of vibration Details like directions and ingredients are listed on eachon a toy. Functions can refer both to speeds products packaging and/or our website. Heres information(faster/slower rates of consistent vibration) that applies for most products: and pulsing patterns (vibrations that follow a pattern of pulses and increasing/decreasing Shelf Lifespeeds). So, a seven-function toy might have Unopened liquid products that are stored in a cool,three speeds and four pulsing patterns.dry place will last for 1 year from the date of purchase.G-spot Stimulation: The G-spot is characterized Once opened, they should be used within 1 year.as an erogenous area of the vagina that, when stimulated, can lead to strong sexual arousalCleaning and powerful orgasms. Also referred to as theIts best to clean toys before and after each use with aClitoral Complex.gentle cleanser made for intimacy products. Ordinary soaps can cause damage! It is recommended thatPatented: Originated by one person or group. customers use the Pure Romance Cleansing Mist. Often mentioned as a way to distinguish a unique element or quality of a product Storing Toys & Accessories or ingredient.Protect your investment in pleasure by storing toys inSexual Wellness: The ongoing journey of self-a clean, dry place like our Toy Tote. Note, silicone toysawareness regarding ones intimate and sexual may be stored together but toys made of other materialswellbeing. The quality or state of being healthy should be stored separately.in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.11'