b'Important AccountInformation BECOMING A QUALIFIED CONSULTANTCODE OF CONDUCT, BUSINESS STANDARDS To become Qualified, Consultants must agree to the terms& GOOD STANDING STATUS of the Pure Romance Consultant Agreement which isPure Romance has grown into a leading force because of an presented and signed electronically when logging intounwavering commitment to building a respected image the Online Office. within the industry and among customers. This has been obtained through the actions of the Pure Romance Corporate To achieve Qualified status, Consultants have aOffice, as well as every Consultant representing the Company. fewoptions: Generate $500 in personal Retail sales (MX: $10,000 in Each Pure Romance Consultant is asked to represent her first 12 months.). This can be achieved through orders and sell Pure Romance products and present the Pure from your personal Website and/or the Online Office.Romance business opportunity with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, ethics, and accuracy. ConsultantsParticipate in the new Consultant Inventory Booster. do not participate in any activity that is illegal or that in any way may be deemed detrimental to the Pure RomanceSome Packs provide new Consultants with Retail credit name, products, opportunity, business, corporate entity, or that may satisfy the Qualification requirements. the organization of Pure Romance Consultants. All Pure You must become Qualified in your first calendar yearRomance Consultants are asked to follow the Pure Romance to maintain your Buying Discount. Qualified ConsultantsGood Standing Requirements.maintain their Buying Discount, Online Office access, tools, special or daily sales or other benefits reservedCode of Conduct & Business Standards:for Consultants.Dress in professional business attire for all parties and corporate events to which you are invited and, in MAINTAINING YOUR BUYING DISCOUNTall situations, while promoting Pure Romance, unlessConsultants must achieve Retail purchases of $200 everycasual attire is specified. If events are casual, dress calendar quarter to maintain their current career Retail salesshould be tasteful and appropriate.total and the associated Buying Discount. Online Office and Refrain from the use of inappropriate language, slang,personal Website orders count towards the minimum. and derogatory and/or profane terms when representing Should a Consultant fail to achieve $200 in RetailPure Romance in person and/or on social media purchases in a calendar quarter, their career Retailplatforms. If language must be modified because of thesales total will reset to $0, and they will return to arestrictions of some social media platforms, Consultants30% Buying Discount (if they had achieved a highershould make a reasonable attempt to remain professionalBuying Discount).and within brand guidelines. To maintain a 30% Buying Discount, Consultants must Respect others personal space and avoid inappropriateachieve $500 or more in Retail sales for the previous body contact.12 months. Should her career Retail sales fall below this Accept that each person is entitled to their own amount, her Buying Discount and personal Website opinions and views. Do not speak negatively about Commission will be adjusted to 15%.another Consultant or make that individual feel If there are 24 months with no activity for a Consultant uncomfortable when an approach differs from with a 15% Buying Discount, her account will be made your own.inactive. To rejoin, she must purchase a Pro Pack.34'