b'Level AdvancementsA celebration of consistent successAs you advance your Consultant Levels with Pure Romance, you will unlock higher rewards and recognition unique to each level. With Pure Romance, success always pays off! So why not start advancing your Consultant Level today?Consultant Level advancements are determined by the personal Retail sales and the number of personally referred Qualified Consultants from January 1December 31. Level advancements are determined at the beginning of the following year and are announced after validation has been completed.UNITED STATES, PUERTO RICO, AUSTRALIA, CANADA & NEW ZEALANDConsultant Level Personal Retail Sales New ConsultantAnnual RewardsQualifications$5,000 Cash BonusExecutive Forum TripPresidents Circle TripExecutive Director $200,000 36 Free Annual Event Registration1 of Each of the New Products Launched in 2024$2,000 Cash BonusPresidents Circle TripNational Director $120,000 24 Free Annual Event Registration1 of Each of the New Products Launched in 2024Sr. Director $100,000 18 $1,500 Cash BonusPresidents Circle TripDirector $50,000 12 $1,000 Cash BonusSr. Consultant $25,000 6 $500 Cash BonusConsultant - - -Level Advancements for Mexico can be found on page 49. The qualifications for the Executive Forum and Presidents Circle can be found on page 30. Annual event registration is awarded by country. This would include Global Summit for Consultantsresiding in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. For Australia and New Zealand, it would includeNational Convention held in Australia. Bonuses associated with Level Advancements will be paid on January 10th of the following year. Consultants must maintain a consistent level of personal Retail sales to continue to receive benefitsthroughout the entire year. For example, to continue receiving free new products launched in 2024, the Consultant must remain actively engaged in the business throughout the entire year. 28'