b'Policies and GuidelinesCreating a clear, fair, and equitable selling environmentConsultants are prohibited from promoting Pure RomanceUSE OF PURE ROMANCE LOGOS, COPYRIGHT,or its products in conjunction with nudity, pornography,AND TRADEMARKSsimulating sex acts or positions, vulgar language, or offensive descriptive terms, or other such sexually explicit activities.PURE ROMANCE, the logo accompanying it, the stylization This includes making motions on camera like demonstratingof it, the heart logo ( ) (the Heart Logo), HLI,a gag reflex, sharing sexual position suggestions as a coupleUNCOVERED, PURE21, EUFORIA, and any other with clothing on, explicit demonstrations of swings ortrademarks, service marks, tradenames, or designations of bondage products with other people, etc. While Pure Romanceorigin that may be adopted by Pure Romance from time to fully embraces educating the public on a topic of sex, thesetime, and any derivatives of the foregoing (collectively, the images, or depictions on social can provide the public with aMarks) are the proprietary intellectual property of Pure narrow view of the scope of what Pure Romance does as anRomance. Consultant will only use the Marks in connection organization. with home parties, events, and sales of PURE ROMANCE onsultants are prohibited from promoting Pure Romance ormerchandise, and only in accordance with the standards and Cprocedures set forth herein.products on sites or platforms that sell pornography, human trafficking, prostitution, escort services, or other sexual services of that nature. Consultants must state PURE ROMANCE by (insertname) when advertising and promoting their business. When Warnings of adult content should be clearly stated. Consultantsusing the PURE ROMANCE tradename, Consultant may should require that private groups and other closed audiencealso state their name followed by Independent Consultant communities be at least 18 years of age. (or appropriate title) for Pure Romance. Consultants cannot It a brand standard that Pure Romance Consultants userepresent themselves as an employee or agent of Pure proper terminology when describing sexuality, and anatomicalRomance. To customize a Pure Romance logo, use the Logo terms for reproductive and sex organs. On select social mediaGenerator located on the Online Office. Any customized logo platforms these terms are prohibited by their communitycreated using the Logo Generator shall be considered one of standards. In these cases, Consultants are required to usePure Romances Marks and shall be exclusively owned by Pure reasonable replacements when educating on the topic of sexualRomance. Except for the creation of the customized logo using wellness and sexuality.the Logo Generator, Consultants may not remove or alter the Marks and must reproduce the Marks exactly as provided It is the responsibility of the Consultant to be well-versed in the community standards and guidelines set forth by the socialby Pure Romance. Each representation of Marks should be media companies and to adhere to those guidelines. consistent, undistorted, and clear.Consultants may only use the Marks in accordance with Pure SEARCH ENGINES AND META TAGS Romances Trademark Usage Policy, which is accessible on the Online Office.Consultants agree to cooperate fully with Pure Romance soThe catalog, invitations, newsletters, opportunity material,Internet search engines list Pure Romances corporate website,website material or anything developed by Pure Romance or pureromance.com, as the first result when an internet browserbearing the copyright symbol , trademark symbolsor , or makes a query containing the name Pure Romance or anythe Marks is not to be used in print, electronic media, or any one of Pure Romances product names or Marks. other media without prior written permission from the Pure Pay-for-placement listings using the Pure Romance name, PureRomance Corporate Office. Romance product names, or Marks as the target keywords orConsultants are prohibited from using the Marks to advertise search terms are strictly prohibited and are in direct violationor promote their business in conjunction with any other of Pure Romances policies. This includes, but is not limited to,personal business or third-party business unless the Pure Google AdWords advertising, Facebook advertising and third- Romance Corporate Office approves it in writing.party online shopping sites, such as Amazon or eBay.Pure Romance will only allow Consultants to use the Marks solely in the furtherance or operation of her Pure Romance business. Pure Romance will not allow the use of the Marks, by any person, including other Pure Romance Consultants, in any manner without prior written permission.42'