b'Policies and GuidelinesCreating a clear, fair, and equitable selling environmentTo provide a concierge level of service to customers andTherefore, Consultants must be willing and able to provide build a strong brand reputation, all Consultants are requiredaccurate records showing the sale of products to customers upon to adhere to the Consultant Agreement and the policies andrequest.guidelines. On the following pages you will find importantThe preferred method for capturing customer ordering highlights. Additional information for policies and otherinformation would be PureShop or your personal Website. If a guidelines, as well as state specific information can be foundConsultant uses paper order forms or another system to process on the Policies section of the Online Office. If ever you havecustomer orders, she must comply with the request for customer a question about these guidelines, please reach out to thedata to allow Pure Romance to remain in good standing with the Success Team or submit a Portal request. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).Complete details for earning and payment of the GlobalTERRITORIES & COUNTRY BORDERSPay Plan can also be found in the Policies section of theThere are no restrictions on the location of a Pure Romance Online Office. Consultants territory. A Consultant may sell, refer, train, and build a business anywhere within the country she resides and its territories but is responsible for complying with all laws and PERFORMANCE TOOLS FEE regulations in the states and/or territories in which the Consultant operates.Excluding new Consultants during the first year of their business, Consultants are required to pay an annual Performance Tools feeNew Consultant referrals may occur for any country that Pure of $29.99 ($599 MXN). For existing Consultants who paid the fee,Romance currently supports. This includes the United States, the annual fee will be charged on the anniversary of the date ofPuerto Rico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Mexico. This the last fee paid. New Consultants are not charged this fee inmeans if a Consultant resides in the United States, she may refer their first year of business. an individual that resides in Mexico and be eligible for the Referral Bonuses associated with the new Consultant. This is often referred PRO ACADEMY to as cross-border referrals.Pro Academy is a sexual wellness certification program containingCREATING AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY a series of guided training courses designed to give you theAND SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITYknowledge and skills to increase your sexual wellness and sales expertise. The program is broken down into several coursesSadly, people around the world face violence and inequalitycomposed of videos and interactive learning tools. All Consultantssometimes torture, even executionbecause of who they love, are required to complete the first two levels of the courses tohow they look, their gender identification, or who they are. It receive certification. Certification requirements must be completedis Pure Romances belief that people should be able to enjoy an within a new Consultants first 3 months with the business. Proenvironment free from all forms of unlawful discrimination. Academy certification is required to move up in Buying Discount. We ask that all individuals within our community interact and conduct business without unlawful discrimination on the basisCUSTOMER ORDER INFORMATION of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, Because the Pay Plan rewards for products sold to customers,work-related injury, covered veteran status, political ideology, it is imperative that Consultants capture all customers ordergenetic information, marital status, or any other factor that the information. law protects from discrimination. Individuals succeed within Pure Romance based on skill and ability. If audited, Pure Romance may be required to provide third parties with proof of customer sales. This would be the case should anConsultants are expected to do their part to create an equal outside entity challenge income claims or other statements ofopportunity and supportive environment for customers and that nature. fellow Consultants. 36'