b'How To Make(Even More) Money RETAIL SALES BONUSRETAIL SALES BONUS REDEMPTION:Each month Consultants can pick between a cash backOnce a month, Consultants will select if they wish to receive bonus or Free Product credit with $500 or more in personalcash back or Free Product based on that months Retail sales Retail sales (MX: $10,000). total. This selection is made on the Online Office and must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each month. If Cash Bonus: When you select the cash back bonus you willno selection is made, Pure Romance will automatically issue receive a percentage back in cash based on your total Retaila cash back bonus.sales for the month.If Free Product credit is selected, the credit will Sell $5,500receive $165 cash back (3%) be available in the Online Office by the 6th of the Sell $15,900receive $1,113 cash back (7%) following month:Sell $21,000receive $2,100 cash back (10%)To redeem, a Free Product order must be placed by theend of the month in which the Free Product is awarded.Cash back bonuses continue to accumulate beyond Free Product credits may be used toward the payment$40,000+ (MX: $800,000). Sell $100,000 in a month youof a Free Product order. Once available, you will see Freecan receive $11,000 cash back (11%). (You might be thinking,Product as a payment option for Free Product Orders.do people really do this? Doesnt happen for everyone, butFree Product credits cannot be used as payment for asome do!) regular Consultant order. Free Product Orders will ship with your next ConsultantFree Product Credit: If you want to increase the value ofOrder. You must place an order by the end of the monthyour Retail Sales Bonus for the month, then Free ProductAFTER you place a Free Product Order.Credit is the choice for you. When you sell $5,000 for the month, instead of receiving a $150 cash bonus, you can opt Free Product credits can be redeemed for Retail itemsfor $600 in Free Product credit (MX: $100,000 in Retailonly. Only select products will be accessible whenwould be a $3,000 cash bonus or $12,000 in Free Product). placing a Free Product order. Free Product balances are reset to $0.00 after each Why is Free Product so valuable? When you sell thatFree Product Order. All free product credits must beproduct at its full retail price, thats 100% that comes backused when placing orders and any remaining credits to you. Thats why consistent sellers are likely to pickwill be forfeited . Free Product as their Retail Sales Bonus reward month after month.Free Product credits not redeemed by expiration datewill be forfeited.18'