b'The Inventory BoosterBuy now, pay over timeSelect a Booster with liquids, toys, or bothSO WHERE DO YOU BEGIN?The exclusive Inventory Booster can be purchased on Pure Romance helps Consultants start their inventory bythe Online Office under Orders Inventory Booster. If a offering an Inventory Boosterthe #1 business supplyConsultant is not eligible the Inventory Booster will not Pure Romance offers.show as an option.The Inventory Booster is a selection of our best-sellingMake your selection! We offer three Inventory Boosters: products, offered up to a 60% Buying Discount available toToy Booster, Liquid Booster, and a combination. No matter Consultants for their first 30 days.which you choose, here are some important notes:The purchase of an Inventory Booster qualifies a Selecting a Booster is only available for your first Consultants business and increases her Buying Discount to30 days in business40%. This program offers a buy now, pay later, interest free, Buy now, pay later. Interest free!no credit check payment plan for the Inventory Booster. Purchasing a Booster qualifies your businessAfter the first payment of a one-time administrative fee, You automatically move to a 40% Buying Discountplus tax, the balance due will be divided into 6 low monthly payments. Consultants whose Inventory Booster ships on No credit check is requiredthe 1st-15th of the month will have their first payment due on the 1st of the following month via the credit or debit card that was provided. Each country has its own unique Consultants whose Inventory Booster ships on or after theInventory Boosterso be sure to check 16th of the month will have their first payment due on the 15th of the following month. out the options today.25'