b'FAQsWhat is my website URL? When do I get paid on personal Website orders?Your personal Website URL is included in your welcomePersonal Website commissions are made available to you on email you receive after you purchase your starter Pack.the Monday following the date of the order. Commissions You also receive it when logging into your Consultantare paid using Pure Pay (powered by Hyperwallet). You Online Office for the first time, as you complete the newwill be prompted via email to create a Pure Pay account Consultant wizard. You can also find your URL by alsoafter your first personal Website order. If Monday falls on a logging on to your Consultant Online Office:holiday, Commissions are paid the next business day. You are coo.pureromance.com. Then tap: My Business Mynotified by email you have a payment that has arrive (email Information My Website subject header: Your payment from Pure Romance). How do I change information on my personal Website? How do I set up direct deposit?Start by logging in to your personal Website After you complete the new Consultant Wizard and get https://pureromance.com/account/login. Your personalyour first personal Website order, you will get an email from information will be displayed on the dashboard, you canPure Pay (powered by Hyperwallet) requesting you to create edit that information. To personalize your website, usean account. This is where you will enter your direct deposit the side toolbar under Consultant Management and tapinformation. You will get paid the Monday after each Personalize Your Site. There you will be able to add or editwebsite sale (if a holiday falls on Monday it will be your About Me, Featured Products, and choose if youavailable the next business day). would like your email and phone number displayed. Need help? If a Consultant wants to request other changes to theirHow can I accept credit cards? URL, they should submit a portal ticket. You can sign up for an account with Square (a credit card processor) for free to access a business account and What personal information shows on myget a free credit card swiper. Square work incredibly well personal Website? with PureShop.You can customize what is shown on your personal Website: Upload a professional headshot to display on your frontNot a PureShop User? Head to PureShop and sign in using page, personalize your About You section, and select up toyour Consultant email address or Consultants ID and the five products to be featured, plus add a message on aboutsame password for your Online Office. Select Square, then why you love the product! Connect Using Square Account. How do I upload or change my profile picture on myCurrent PureShop User? If you are a PureShop user, from personal Website? the app tap More Support and search for How can I Login to https://pureromance.com/account/login usingaccept credit cards, and it will return the article about your Consultant ID or email and the password you createdmerchant accounts and Square, as well as the steps to when purchasing your starter Pack. Under My Profile on thegetting set up. dashboard, you will see your profile picture. Tap Change. That will allow you to upload or change your profile picture.Where can I find information about each product?Your personal Website provides a wealth of information How do I get paid on personal Website orders? about each product including: features, ingredients and After you complete your New Consultant Wizard, and getdirections. You can also find information on products on your first personal Website sale, you will get an email fromthe Pure Romance YouTube Channel, and on the training Hyperwallet requesting you to sign up for Pure Pay. You willsection of the Online Office. For the Training site, tap on get paid the Monday after each website sale through PureCollections and start navigating through products. You Pay once you create your account. will find product descriptions, features & benefits, allergens, contents, directions, demonstrations, galleries, demo examples, complimentary products, and more!46'