b'The content of all Corporate-sponsored events is copyrightedThis does not mean that you cannot share the benefits of havingsome inventory on hand. Customers expect instant gratification material. Consultants may not produce for sale or distributionand Consultants find having products on the spot helps build a any recorded Company events or speeches without writtenloyal customer base. permission from Pure Romance, nor may Consultants reproduce for sale or for personal use any recordings ofWhen a Consultant is considering whether to invest in inventory, Corporate-produced audio or video presentations. Pure Romance recommends that the Consultant determine the Consultants may not apply for a personal trademark forlevel of activity to pursue in the business. Then when appropriateanything related to their Pure Romance business, including afor those circumstances, the Consultant invests in a level of Pure Romance hashtag, slogan, and anything that uses Pureinventory that supports that activity.Romance or PR.It is considered an unfair and deceptive practice for a Consultant to EARNINGS AND TAX REPRESENTATIONS require or encourage another Consultant to purchase unreasonable amounts of inventory or business supplies. Every effort should be made to accurately portray the Pure Romance opportunity to potential Consultants. State and federalUltimately, inventory is an individual decision and should be regulatory agencies prohibit exaggerated statements about your orclosely tied to each Consultants goals and planned activity level.other Consultants earnings. Making such statements could subject a Consultant to severe sanctions. BONUS PAYMENTSSharing your own individual earnings experience is by far theMonthly bonus payments occur on the 10th of the following most effective and believable way of approaching this subjectmonth. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be with a potential Consultant. When sharing personal results, it isissued the next business day. For example, bonuses earned in important that claims are clearly stated as your experience andMay will be paid on June 10th.you do not imply or express that is necessarily the results anotherBonuses are paid to Consultants monthly in the form of Pure potential Consultant may achieve. In addition, you must directPay (powered by Hyperwallet). potential Consultants to Pure Romances website for informationPure Romance reserves the right to verify new Consultants about Consultants earnings when describing your earnings. View estimated average Consultant earnings data at https:// before payment of bonuses. Failure to provide accurate contact pureromance.com/pages/income-disclosure. information for new Consultants will result in the leader forfeiting any applicable bonuses.Similarly, it is important to accurately portray the tax aspects ofDIRECT DEPOSIT METHOD OF PAYMENTbeing a Pure Romance Consultant. As a self-employed individual, you may be entitled to a variety of tax deductions if they are supported by accurate records. Consultants should avoid offering Consultants must set up their direct deposit on the Online tax advice which cannot be substantiated by current InternalOffice using Pure Pay (powered by Hyperwallet).Revenue Service regulations or regulations specific to your countryQuestions regarding deposits paid by Pure Romance should be of domicile. Consultants are encouraged to consult with a qualified accountant or tax advisor to determine how a Pure Romancedirected to our Support Team by submitting a Support Portal business may affect income taxes. request or contacting the Corporate Office.INVENTORY INTERNATIONAL ELIGIBILITYThe policies and guidelines detailed in this handbook are The only thing that a Consultant is required to purchase to start aapplicable to Consultants registered with Pure Romance, LLC Pure Romance business is a starter Pack. There is no requirementwithin the United States and Canada, Pure Romance (Puerto Rico), that a new Consultant must purchase inventory, and no memberLLC within Puerto Rico, Pure Romance (Australia) Pty Ltd within of Pure Romance should suggest otherwise to a new Consultant. Australia and New Zealand, and Pure Romance Mexico, S. de R.L. Pure Romance does not require or encourage a Consultant tode C.V. within Mexico.purchase inventory in an amount which exceeds that which can be expected to be resold and/or consumed by the ConsultantFor pay plan information, Consultants should review the 2023 within a reasonable period of time. Pay Plan Guide. This document can be found on the Online Office under Policies.43'