b'Policies and GuidelinesCreating a clear, fair, and equitable selling environmentHOSTESS INCENTIVES There must be a confidential shopping room available at aA Hostess receives 10% of the party subtotal in Free Products,mixer or open house.onsultants may designate a mixer or open house guest to Cand a Hostess with a party of $250 or more also receives a free gift (must be Pure Romance products). The subtotal includesreceive 10% of the sales in Free Productall party orders and outside orders. The subtotal does not include sales tax or shipping and handling charges.PRODUCT CLAIMS Australia and New Zealand: The total on which you base Consultants should never make false or exaggerated claims about the Hostess credit should not include Goods and Servicesthe results or benefits of Pure Romance products, as such claims Tax (GST) or courier fees. To calculate the Hostess creditcould be a violation of the law. You should also avoid creating or for a party that had orders with a total of $650 dividesharing product content that is not Corporate-approved.$650 by 1.10 to account for GST to arrive at a party subtotal of $590. The Hostess would be awarded $59 inConsultants cannot suggest that products cure a medical Hostess Credit (10% of the subtotal). condition. For example, a Consultant should not state:Mexico: The total on which you base the Hostess credit should not include Value-Added Tax (VAT) or shipping fees. To calculate the Hostess credit for a party thatMiracle Oil cured my eczema. had orders with a total of $6500 divide $6500 by 1.16 toThis bedroom accessory guarantees an orgasm.account for VAT to arrive at a partyThis product will counteract the effects of ED.subtotal of around $5603. The Hostess would be awarded $560.30 in Hostess Credit (10% of the subtotal). onsultants should not compare the results with specific, C competitive products. For example, Consultants should not PARTY AND EVENT LOCATIONS state:Ive tried product XYZ and the Pure Romance version lasts Although Pure Romance events are primarily held in a Hostessstwice as long.home or online, on occasion a Consultant may receive a request to hold a presentation at an alternate location (e.g., restaurant,Consultants should avoid making product claims relating bar, hall, etc.). When this occurs, the Consultant should use goodto specific medical conditions or sensitivities. For example:judgment when presenting products:This lubricant is safe to use with all condoms.If the party or meeting is held in a public location, the product presentation must occur in a private/separate room that can beThis product is safe for women who are pregnant or breast secured from the public. feeding. There must be a confidential/private shopping room. This product will not create an allergic reaction. Phallic-shaped products or bedroom accessories should not Consultants should not exaggerate results. For example, you be displayed in public areas where minors could be present. should not state:After just one use of this moisturizer, my fine lines and wrinkles disappeared.MIXER OR OPEN HOUSEIf any Consultant breaches with this provision, in additionto the penalty provided in the Consultant Agreement, she A Pure Romance mixer or open house is an event thatwill be responsible to hold harmless Pure Romance from anyConsultants can use to sell product to their customers,dispute, claim or administrative procedure performed by the introduce their business to a large group of people, or whencorresponding Authority which may arise from such breach.an adult co-ed environment is appropriate and the Consultant elects to not do a full presentation for the audience SELLING PRODUCTS ONLINEMixer or open house attendees must be at least 18 years of age; To maintain the integrity of Pure Romances brand name, product no minors can be present.Consultants may sell products to customers during a mixerline and customer/Consultant relationships, Consultants mayprocess customer orders directly with the customer or via their or open house.Pure Romance personal Website, including current and past Pure 40'