b'10 Things We Know to be True1. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Change happens whether you like it or not, and those who succeed choose to use change as anPURE ROMANCE EXPECTATIONSopportunity to grow.OF CONSULTANTS: 2. People always come first.Relationships are our top priority, and were committed to helping people Consistently promote and sell Pure Romance products. grow. Together, we work to provide excellent Represent and sell Pure Romance with the highestexperiences for our customers.degree of integrity, ethics, and accuracy.3. Staying a student leads to greater success.Represent the brand and themselves in a professional When we stop learning, we stop growing. We strive manner, including dress, language, and behavior. to learn more to continuously improve ourselves and the world around us. Adhere to the Consultant Agreement, guidelines, and 4. We seek to serve in all we do.When we serve handbook policies. others, we make a positive impact on the worldSupport the Pure Romance mission by being an advocate around us.for sexual wellness.5. Living a life of your own design.Living the life Complete all training certification requirements. you want, and the life you deserve means you dont Follow the 10 Things We Know to be True, our core wait for things to happen, you make them happen.values. 6. When you seek, you shall find.When you look Utilize the tools provided, like PureShop, a point of sale for the positives in life, thats what youll find. Our(POS) application. outlook on life shapes how we perceive the worldand what challenges we pursue.7. Creating experiences people want toCONSULTANTS CAN EXPECTrepeatand shareis what sets us apart.PURE ROMANCE TO: We believe fun, emotional, and moving experiencesare what people remember most. Memories, more Supply top-of-the-line, quality products. than material objects, are what we cherish andshare with others. Ship orders in a timely fashion.8. Believing is achieving and achieving isPay commissions and bonuses on schedule. believing.If you dont believe in yourself, no one Provide technology, guidance, best practices, andelse will. You must set a goal and be confident insupport tools. your ability to achieve it. Offer outstanding customer service. 9. Detach from your personal outcome, commit to the process. Nothing happens overnight. You Communicate clear and accurate information. cant focus so hard on what you want that you Follow our 10 Things We Know to be True, ourforget the steps it takes to get there. core values. 10. Success is a continuous journey. There is no Say what we mean and do what we say.finish line. When we stop trying, we fail. Celebrate and recognize milestone achievements.5'