b'We Value EmpowermentThats why we give backTHE PATTY BRISBEN FOUNDATION FORFrom helping women impacted by cancer reclaim their WOMENS SEXUAL HEALTH sexuality, to addressing womens sexual dysfunction in bone The Patty Brisben Foundation for Womens Sexual Healthmarrow transplant recipients, the foundation is committed was born out of a need for change. Pure Romance Founderto using a science-based approach to further the cause.Patty Brisben saw how difficult it was for women to findAs a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the foundation relies on support and solutions for their sexual well-being.fundraising, individual donations, and corporate support Its no secret that sexual health is a critical aspect of ato empower women today and every day. With your help, womans overall health and wellness, yet its often a topicwe can provide the resources and solutions needed to keep thats overlooked or stigmatized. your sisters, friends, daughters, and granddaughters healthy, happy, and empowered.Many healthcare providers receive minimal training onFor more info visit: pattybrisbenfoundation.orgsexual health, and female sexual health is often ignored altogether creating a void of research and support. The Patty Brisben Foundation is working to change that by providing a voice and resources for women facing sexual difficulties. Through funding research and advocating for womens sexual health, the foundation aims to raise awareness and advance the understanding of these important issues.Patty Brisben sharing the message of sexual health6'