b'SALE, ASSIGNMENT, OR TRANSFERPromotional literature, advertisements and mailing materialsOF A PURE ROMANCE BUSINESS must not include product descriptions, claims, photos, or illustrations that are false, deceptive, or misleading. This Each Consultants business relationship with Pure Romance isincludes information provided in closed and private groups.an individual relationship. Therefore, you may not sell, assign, or Customers should receive a receipt at the time of sale. If a sale otherwise transfer a Pure Romance business to any third party. is made through the phone, internet or other non-face-to-face means, a copy of the receipt should be included in the order or RULES FOR SELLING provided in a printable format. The receipt must identify the Consultant as an independent Consultant and include the full Consultants must be at least 18 years of age or older andname, permanent address and phone number of Pure Romanceidentify as female. OR the independent Consultant. The date, return policy and terms of the sale (price and quantity purchased) must be clearly Consultants cannot represent another company that offersstated. In Mexico, the receipt must also include Pure Romance products similar to Pure Romance. company data.The Consultants must advertise Pure Romancesproducts observing the values, guidelines, and provisionsContact with a customer should be made in a polite manner of Pure Romance established hereby, in the Consultantsand during reasonable hours.Agreement, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, Rules of Selling Consultants must take appropriate steps to safeguard the and all other Pure Romance policies outlined in this protection of all private information provided by the customerHandbook and in the Policies section of the Online Office. and use the information only to provide service to them absent Listing Pure Romance products for sale on another website, permission to use the information for other purposes.online auction, online flea market, or other online outlet wouldConsultants may not make representations concerningconstitute a violation of the terms and conditions ofpotential earnings or sales figures. the Consultant Agreement.Consultants may not sell Pure Romance products at garageFEMALE ONLY SALESFORCE sales, flea markets, or retail stores.Since its inception, Pure Romance has been a company founded If you are a representative for another sales company, you by a woman for women. For 30 years, the organization has been a cannot combine their products with Pure Romance productsleader in sexual wellness education and product sales led by a 100% at the same presentation. female salesforce. To this day, Pure Romance reserves membership You cannot sell products other than Pure Romance products atfor women only (or those individuals who self-identify as female) your parties or while representing Pure Romance. This includesand does not allow men to become Consultants.all adult novelties available through stores or outside vendors.Pure Romance products may not be sold to individuals underThis policy is not meant to create a discriminatory environment, in fact our Consultants are taught human sexuality for all genders, the age of 18 (even if products are considered mild in nature).how to improve communication, and intimacy for all couples, You are not permitted to purchase products from otherregardless of the makeup of that relationship. Our focus has alwaysPure Romance Consultants; however, you may trade with abeen to create a safe environment for individuals to learn and Pure Romance Consultant to fulfill customer open orders.collaborate, to enhance their sexual wellness. Within the party, our Consultants may purchase business supplies (such as catalogs,experience has shown a female only audience protects the selling Order Forms, etc.) from other Consultants. environment, conversations for women, and provides the customers Opened products used for demonstrations are not permitted towith their right to privacy. be sold to customers.Product claims made by a Consultant must be substantiatedWe have a number of ways in which men can purchase and receive information from our Consultants (including a Mixer or Open by competent and reliable evidence and must not behouse, personal Website orders, social media education, parties misleading. Consultants ensure that no statements, promises,held by Consutlants who choose to offer co-ed presentations, or testimonials are made that are likely to mislead consumersetc.) and we also partner with organizations to bring sexual wellness or potential Consultants. information to groups of men in educational settings. We allow Consultants to determine which of these appropriate strategies she adopts or does not. It would be unfair of Pure Romance to force a trauma survivor to interact in a way that is not comfortable.37'