b'Your Relationship with Pure Romance A Shared Vision in CollaborationTHE DEFINITION OF ANOf course, this handbook cannot cover every situation INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT that may arise. If you have any questions about a policy or As a Pure Romance Consultant, you are an independentprogram, please call the Support Team. business owner and an independent contractor.All Pure Romance Consultants are subject to the terms and conditions of the Consultant Agreement.As an independent business owner, youre not an employee of the Company. There are many benefits to yourThe actual person joining as a Pure Romance Consultant independent business owner status, including the freedomis presented with and signs a Consultant Agreement. This to choose your own hours and the business methods thatagreement details material terms of the relationship between work best for you. At the same time you will receive plentythe independent Consultant and Pure Romance, including of suggestions from Pure Romance along the way. Ourthe Consultants responsibility for any money and taxes. training materials and handbooks are filled with suggestions that can help you build your Pure Romance business.You will be solely responsible for determining the method, details, and means of running your business.You have no power or authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability, or to make any representations or contracts on behalf of the Company. You will not represent to any third party that you are an employee of Pure Romance.Great Relationships Begin With At Pure Romances sole discretion it can terminate yourClear ExpectationsConsultant Agreement if you breach the above mentioned. Consultants and the Corporate team form a partnership to collaborate and The Pure Romance incentives and marketing plans haveachieve mutual success. With time you been developed to support your independent businesswill come to find this partnership is a owner status. Simply stated, this means, you are your ownvaluable business resource.boss. The qualifications detailed in this handbook are not meant to imply that your position is different than that of an independent business owner.We Form a Unique PartnershipSince the information and policies described here areWe believe there are 4 key necessarily subject to change, revisions to the handbooktenets of a successful business may occur. All such changes will be communicated through official notices, and revised information maypartnership and with clear supersede, modify, or eliminate existing policies. You areexpectations being important:expected to regularly check the Pure Romance Online Office for changes to this handbook and other policies1.CLEAR EXPECTATIONSand procedures of Pure Romance. 2. TRUST3. MUTUAL BENEFIT4. SHARED VISION4'