b'Referral BonusesGood things are meant to be sharedAs a Consultant, your primary focus is achieving your profitFor finding like-minded businesswomen who join and goals through product sales, but you may also connect withsell product as well, you can receive a number of bonuses Hostesses and customers that express interest in joiningfor making the referral. These milestones are a win-win Pure Romance just like you did. Inviting others to thefor both of you, since they also unlock higher Buying community builds a collaborative environment in whichDiscounts, recognition, and other perks for her. So, now as you both can win.she embarks on her first year with Pure Romance, you can both achieve together.UNITED STATES, PUERTO RICO, AUSTRALIA, CANADA & NEW ZEALANDNew Consultants Retail Milestone Referrer Receives$500 First 2 Calendar Months $100 Referral Bonus$1,000 First 4 Calendar Months $150 Referral Bonus$5,000 First 6 Calendar Months $750 Referral Bonus$10,000 First 8 Calendar Months $1,500 Referral Bonus$36,000 First 12 Calendar Months $3,000 Referral BonusReferral bonuses for Mexico can be found on page 49.A total of YOU BOTH WIN!$5,500 IN REFERRAL Remember this is a win-win for both of you.NUSEScan be BOyours for each new When she achieves these milestones, she moves Consultant who up in Buying Discount. achieves the milestones!20'