b'GlossaryLanguage terms and definitionsACredit on File (COF)IA credit that can be applied to an Online Active Status (also Active Consultant)Office order. Inactive Status A Consultant must achieve a minimum activity(also Inactive Consultant and Inactive)level with sales to remain an Active Consultant.F A Consultant who does not meet the ordering Only active Consultants can fully takerequirements to remain in Active Status. When advantage of the Pay Plan. Free Product Credit a Consultant goes inactive, her Career Retail Free Product credit may be earned onceSales will be reset to $0 and Buying Discount B a month. To redeem Free Product creditwill change to 15%. Inactive Consultants must a Consultant must place a Free Productpurchase a new starter Pack to rejoin.Buying Discountorder. That order ships with the next regularIncentive TripThis is the discount that is applied to aConsultant Order that is placed by the lastA vacation earned through meeting sales Consultants order. Buying Discounts areday of the month. and referral requirements. Pure Romance determined by career Retail sales for the periodperiodically offers Incentive Trip contests.of time a Consultant is receiving or placingGorders. Inventory BoosterBusiness SuppliesGood StandingA collection of best-selling products offered to Consultants have access to several businessOfficial designation for a Consultant that is freenew Consultants in their first 30 days at up to supplies when placing a Consultant order. Aof unsettled balances or unresolved customer60% off. Consultants can buy now and pay in Consultants Buying Discount is not appliedconcerns. Consultants must be in Goodsix monthly interest-free installments.to the purchase of Business Supplies, and theyStanding to take full advantage of the Pay Plan do not count toward career Retail sales noror other incentives. Lpersonal Retail sales totals.Good Vibes ClubLive Love WinThe Good Vibes Club is a customer rewardsA live broadcast on the Pure Romance C program providing a number of benefits toConsultant Training YouTube channel regular purchasers. Club members can earnfeaturing the latest happenings such as product Career Retail Sales points in a number of ways. Points can be usedlaunches, recognition, best practices, Consultant The amount of total personal Retail salesto earn discounts on future purchases. Seespotlights, and more.accumulated since becoming and maintainingpureromance.com for current offerings.a minimum activity level with receiving orLiving with Change Foundationplacing orders. Career Retail sales includeGross Profit A not-for-profit foundation supporting Consultant orders and orders placed on aGross profit is the income from the sale of atransgender youth and their families through Consultants personal Website. Career Retailproduct sold, minus your cost of the product.advocacy, resources, and education.sales reset when a Consultant does not reachYour cost of the product is retail less Buying at least $200 in orders for a period of twoDiscount and other special discounts.calendar months.MCommissionH My PartiesThe money a Consultant earns from personalHostess A section of the Online Office where you can Website sales. A woman who has a Pure Romance party andview information associated to parties and orders associated with a party.Consultant Levels receives hostess credits toward free product.Consultant levels are held for one year andHostess Credit Oare based on total Retail sales and number ofThe credit the hostess earns based on the new Qualified Consultants over the previousretail total of a Party. Hostess Credits can beOnline Officecalendar year. used towards the purchase of Pure RomanceThe site where Consultants can log in to place Corporate Office products. orders, receive updates, and training. Used to refer to the team at Pure Romance thatcoo.pureromance.com supports Consultants and customers. Outside Order CostAny order processed directly with a Consultant Cost refers to what a Consultant pays forand fulfilled with her own on-hand inventory.a product after Buying Discount and other discounts.50'