b'Pay PlanEarning profit through sellingINCREASE YOUR BUYING DISCOUNTUNITED STATES, PUERTO RICO, As with any job in sales that earns commissions, you haveAUSTRALIA, CANADA, & NEW ZEALANDthe power to determine your success based on how many potential customers you network with and how many sales CAREER RETAIL SALESBUYING DISCOUNTyou make. Sales targets may differ, but those who have a consistent approach to marketing and sales tend to sell more$500 35%products and earn more money as a result. Ultimately, by sticking to a solid plan, you can become a productive and$1,000 40%successful Consultant. $5,000 45% BUYING DISCOUNTS$10,000 50%Your Buying Discount allows you to purchase products at wholesale pricing. Since your profit is based on the difference between the selling price (referred to as retail)PROFIT ON A $100 ORDER and the cost of the product, reducing your cost can make you more profitable. IT ADDS UP!Entry Level Buying Discount: 30% BUYING DISCOUNTPROFIT30% $30Unlock higher Buying Discounts with career Retail sales, this includes products ordered on the Online Office and35% $35through your personal Website.40% $40Keeping Your Buying Discount 45% $45You must actively sell product to maintain your career50% $50retail sales total. Milestones for increasing your Buying DiscountKeep your higher Buying Discount with at least $200in Mexico can be found on page 49.in Retail sales, every calendar quarter.If you fall below $200 in the quarter, your careerRetail and Buying Discount will reset and you will return to 30%. Dont worry, you can earn it backSPECIAL DISCOUNTS, again by increasing your Retail total.DAILY SALES & BULK PRICINGWhen placing orders on the Online Office, you can save even more with special discounts and daily sales, volume pricing, and purchase incentives. When you become a smart shopper, you make even more profit.16'