b' Do not consume alcohol, illegal drugs, or smoke at Provide honest information regarding price, delivery,any function or party where you are presentingusage suggestions, quality, and order processing, andPure Romance products. refrain from deceptive or unethical selling orTreat other Pure Romance Consultants and membersrecruitment practices.of the Pure Romance Corporate Office staff with theBe present for all parties and events or ensure that utmost respect and professionalism. they are covered by another Pure Romance Concerns regarding policies or procedures shall not be Consultant in the event of an emergency.addressed to members of the Pure Romance CorporateAdhere to the Consultant Agreement, Code of Office publicly during events, meetings, social platforms, Conduct, Privacy Policy, Rules of Selling and all or other public forums. other Pure Romance policies outlined in thisNever encourage a hostess, customer, or potential Handbook and on the policies section of the Consultant to stop doing business with anotherOnline Office.Pure Romance Consultant.Ensure that no statements, promises, or testimonialsare made that are likely to mislead consumers or Requirements for Maintaining Good Standing Status: potential Consultants. Product claims made by a Resolve outstanding balances with the Pure Romance Consultant must be substantiated by competent andCorporate Office or any of its affiliated vendors in a reliable evidence and must not be misleading.timely fashion.Make no representations to Consultants or potential Process payments and fulfill customer orders in aConsultants concerning potential sales, profits, ortimely manner and provide receipt of purchase. earnings. Provide ongoing customer service by addressingConsultants shall not make misleading comparisons inquiries and concerns in a timely fashion and respect of another companys products or services. Do noteach customers privacy by providing confidential denigrate any other company - directly or implied - ordering. in a false or misleading manner.35'