b'This period allows customers a 3-business day right to cancel anyPARTY AND EVENT POLICIESsale of products. The cooling off period relates to in-person sales in which the Consultant personally solicits the customer and the saleDo not charge individuals for booking or attending a party. Itis made somewhere other than the Consultants permanent placehas long been a traditional part of the Pure Romance program of business. For Consultants this would include locations suchfor Consultants to offer parties on a complimentary basis. as a Hostess home, a convention center, a restaurant, bridalThe complimentary party is an integral part of our overall shows, etc.marketing philosophy, and it is designed to help Consultants develop both customers and potential Consultant prospects. Excluded from this rule are any sales made exclusively over theConsultants are discouraged from promoting tipping or internet, by telephone, text (SMS), or mail. To be covered underaccepting tips.this cooling off rule, the sales also need to meet a dollar threshold.Require that all individuals be at least 18 years old for product Any sale under $25 made to a customer in their or a Hostess home or any sale under $130 made at another temporary location like apresentations. This includes when products are being presented at meetings, opportunity events, virtual events, retreats, or Convention Center or vendor event is exempt from the rule. other gatherings. At the beginning of a presentation the Consultant must The Consultant must furnish the customer with a fully- clearly identify herself, Pure Romance, and the nature ofcompleted receipt showing the date, the name and addressPure Romance products. of the Consultant and a statement that: You, the buyer, may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of theConsultants should use proper terminology during third business day after the date of purchase. See the attachedpresentations and refrain from telling overly personal stories Notice of Cancellation. This statement must be on the frontwhen describing products.page of the receipt and in bold face type of a minimum size ofProduct sampling should only be conducted on a guests hand,10 points. This information is provided on the Pure Romancearm, neck, or face with permission.order form. If the Consultant elects to use an alternate order Consultants are not permitted to transfer product into form, this information should be provided.unlabeled containers for purposes of sampling or resale.At the time the customer purchases the products, the Require a private shopping room for confidential ordering, Consultant must inform buyer orally of the right to cancel. and dont divulge customer purchases.Saturday is considered a business day for the purposes of the All customer open orders should be delivered within two cooling off period. Sundays and federal holidays are not. weeks of the date of the purchase (depending on Corporate The Consultant must furnish the customer with two copiesavailability). of the Notice of Cancellation at the time of purchase. TheOpen customer orders must be delivered directly to the notice should contain the Consultants name, address (or the Corporate Office address), and email address as well as thecustomer, not the Hostess.date by which the customer may give notice of cancellation.Presentations must stop upon the customers request.The customer must send this to the Consultant before theUltimately, it is up to the discretion of the Consultant to create deadline either by mailing (postmarked before the deadline)a party environment that is appropriate for the situation. Sheor by emailing. should work in collaboration with the Hostess to determineIf a customer cancels, the Consultant has 10 days to cancel thewhat is best for her business and the customers. Consultantsare not required to offer co-ed experiences and those whosale and refund the money once the products are returned inchoose to do so, will not be penalized for providing a an unopened resaleable condition.professional experience within the Pure Romance brand The Consultant must either pick up the items or ask the guidelines. customer to mail them back. If the customer makes the returnby mail, the Consultant must reimburse them for the shipping In no event, should product presentations be done in frontexpense. of minors. If the customer does not make the items available to theIt is the responsibility of the Consultant to become aware ofState guidelines involving adult content.Consultant for pick up or they agree to mail them back but doesnt, they remain obligated under the agreement of the sale.39'