b'Is there a common allergen list? Where can I get Pure Romance promotional items to A list of common allergens can be found in theadvertise my business?training section of the Online Office by searchingYour first stop, the Business Supplies category when Allergen Fact Sheet.placing an Online Office order. You can also check out Supplies & Resources option on the Online Office. What is Pro Academy?This is where you will find a list of approved vendors This required certification program designed to giveor suppliers and the services they provide.you the knowledge and skills needed to increase yourWhen/How do I get my income Tax form? (1099 form)expertise in sexual wellness and sales. From basic anatomyA Pure Romance Consultant is considered an independent to communication, intimacy, and beyond, Pro Academycontractor and not an employee of Pure Romance. will teach you everything you need to know to be aTherefore, the Corporate Office does not issue a W-2 form. certified Sexual Wellness Consultant. Certification isPure Romance is required by federal law to report to the IRS required to move up in Buying Discount. and to send you a 1099 form when you:The training also covers the psychology of selling, so youPurchase or sell more than $5,000 at wholesale prices can put this new sexual wellness knowledge to work! (which is defined as Retail minus your Buying Discount). Received any trips, gifts, prizes, awards or bonuses with a Where do I find information about Corporate events? value total more than $600 during the calendar year. Pure You can access event information from our Online OfficeRomance will not withhold taxes of any kind, including by tapping Events in the top navigation. Also keep an eyeincome taxes, FICA, FUTA, or other statutory withholding on your inbox for emails and exclusive details on events!or employment taxes applicable to employees. As required by law, the Company will report to the Internal Revenue Why cant I see my Order Tab on the Online Office? Service all payments made to you. You will comply with If you are having trouble finding the Orders tab on yourall tax laws applicable to employees or self-employed Online Office and/or if your Consultant status is inindividual.Government ID Waiting then you have not successfully1099 forms will be mailed to eligible Consultants no later completed the new Consultant Wizard. than January 31 each year. Consultants must report income Until youve completed your new Consultant Wizard youror loss to the federal government regardless of whether Pure Consultant account will not be fully accessible and you willRomance issues any forms, including Form 1099.not have the ability to submit an Online Office order. If youFor more information on your 1099 or tax procedures for are a new Consultant and logged into your Online Officethose residing outside of the United States, refer to the but do not see the Orders tab, simply logout and log back inPolicies section of the Online Office.to complete your new Consultant Wizard. Does Pure Romance offer health coverage? Where can I find Pure Romance logo items? While Pure Romance does not offer health insurance to our You can find Pure Romance branded clothing andindependent Consultants, you can find information about accessories at our swag shop accessible through the Onlinehealth insurance options by visiting healthcare.gov or Office under orders.answer a few fast questions at: healthcare.gov/see-plans to see plans with personalized price estimates before you apply.47'