b'Stocking Your BusinessIncreasing profits with products on handHaving items on hand means instant gratification for yourBenefits of Carrying Inventorycustomers and more potential profit for you. Deciding Earn more profit to carry inventory with Pure Romance is 100% up to the Consultant and its typically a common question when Increase the customer order average through upgradepeople are getting started in the business. Lets take aselling and complementary sellinglook at the benefits.Sell more because people tend to be impulse buyersOnline Office Orders Provide Bulk Pricing Improve the customers experience because products & Special Discounts are received sooner Just like shopping at one of those clubs, there are benefitsFaster deliveries, higher sales, and more profit is why it to buying in bulk: is very common for even those who dont initially carryMany Pure Romance products can be purchased at an inventory to begin doing so later in their journey. Because additional discount when bought as a 6-pack. of this trend and these experiences, it is very likely that new Consultants will be encouraged right from the start to getReducing the number of orders placed helps save on started with inventory.shipping. Pure Romance offers special discounts throughoutThe amount of inventory a Consultant carries, depends on each month. Notices regarding these specials arethe size of the business, which can fluctuate throughout a shared via email, text, and or posted in the ConsultantConsultants career. When a Consultant decides to carry Facebook group.inventory, Pure Romance suggests aiming for around 1times the Consultants average monthly sales. If on average the Consultant sells $3,000 a month, that would be about an Impulse Buys & Instant Gratification average of $4,500 in inventory.It is very common for Consultants who regularly hold parties to have products on hand. Customers tend toDoing so will meet the needs of a Consultants regular purchase more when they can take the items home withbusiness, as well as a little extra for those unexpected them. Lets face it, weve become accustomed to gettingbookings and super successful parties. As a new Consultant, purchases faster than ever beforeeven when shoppingone of the best ways to build inventory is to reinvest the online. Long-term customers will often reach out with aprofits from the first 34 parties into inventory. Everyone request and want to meet up or swing by to pick uphas their own financial obligations so each Consultant will product from you. need to decide how quickly to invest in inventory.Consultants can increase profits by managing inventoryAt no time should a Consultant purchase more inventory properly and buying smart. How inventory is purchasedthan she can sell in a reasonable amount of time or and taking advantage of special discounts frequentlyencourage others to buy more than they can sell. At offered can make a major difference in the profit thatPure Romance, we put the focus on running a profitable is earned.business. Smart buying and not tying up too many dollars in business expenses is important to profitability. 24'