b'LIVING WITH CHANGE FOUNDATION Living With Change is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Finding Acceptance Through Change dedicated to supporting transgender youth and their families Founders Chris and Jessica Cicchinelli hope to lead theby providing education, resources, advocacy, and support charge toward a change in perspective and awareness towhile fostering confidence and acceptance through change.make our communities a safer, more inclusive place forFor more info visit: livingwithchange.orgtransgender children.To accomplish this, Living With Change engages with schools and businesses to help ensure transgender youth are protected and accepted while working with Lawmakers to change existing policies, prevent discriminatory ones, and promote initiatives that help transgender youth thrive in a more inclusive and equitable future.In partnership with the Cincinnati Childrens Hospital, the Foundation helped establish the Living with Change Center in Cincinnati. The Living with Change Center partners with many community organizations to provide a system of care and support for kids and families navigating gender identity.LWC Annual Fundraising Gala 20227'