b'Supplies and ResourcesEverything you need to succeedPure Romance has partnered with several vendors that willPURE INCOME TAXsave you money and make the most of every opportunity toPure Income Tax is an online resource to help simplify professionally market your business.a Consultants business taxes for a budget friendly price. It is the only business tax program exclusively for Pure VISTAPRINT Romance Consultants.Vistaprint Corporate Solutions has created a customized Pro Shop for Consultants to order branded personalizedThis program syncs with the Online Office to download print materials featuring corporate approved designs. Thereall purchases, expenses, Free Product, and sales tax paid to are multiple designs including banners, stickers, pens,Pure Romance and places them in the correct tax categories customizable thank-you cards, and of course businesswith the click of a buttonno manual entry or totaling cards. All are available in English and Spanish. Questionsnecessary! It walks you through how to process all other about a Vistaprint order can be handled through, a live chatincome and expenses associated with a Pure Romance option, email ([email protected]) and phone callbusiness. Worried about potential problems with the 844.462.9288.IRS? Pure Income Tax helps to complete the Schedule C based on the current tax laws to avoid any complications. JT PRODUCTIONS Pure Income Tax will save time and moneyeliminating Pure Romance has teamed up with JT Productions toconfusion and ensuring Consultants never overpay on offer Consultants easy, affordable marketing items suchtaxes again! as name tags, vehicle magnetics, and window lettering.Questions about JT Productions items should be directedVisit the Online Office for details on using the Pure to [email protected] or 313.405.9735.Income Tax Program. OFFICE DEPOT HEALTH INSURANCEThis partnership with ODP Business Solutions offersPure Romance encourages all Consultants to have health Consultants the opportunity to take advantage of corporateinsurance coverage. In the U.S., please visit healthcare.gov. savings on print and copy services, office products,To see plans with personalized price estimates before you technology, and even furniture. apply, visit: healthcare.gov/see-plans/#/.This program will help Consultants control the costs of running a business as an independent Pure Romance Consultant. Make sure to download the Office Depot Store Purchasing card. When shopping in store, only the standard discount is offered. In order to take advantage of contract pricing, orders should be placed online at www.odpbusiness.com.Questions about Office Depot or the Store Purchasing card should be directed to Office Depot customer care: 888.262.3423 (888.2-OFFICE) 32'