b'FAQsWhere do I find my Consultant ID? What is the difference between the Online Office and my Your Consultant ID is emailed to the email address used topersonal Website?purchase your starter Pack. Your Consultant ID can also beThe Online Office is the site Consultants can log in to place found at any time on your Consultant Online Office. Tapwholesale orders, view reports, receive updates, and more! My Business My Information. Your Consultant IDPurchasing products on your Online Office is for stocking is displayed at the top of the page.your inventory or fulfilling orders. Your Buying Discount is applied to the Retail purchases you make. Online Office How do I log on to the Online Office? orders is like bulk ordering and the products are sent to you You receive an email with your Consultants ID and ato distribute. Your personal Website is your e-commerce temporary password when you purchase a starter Pack. Topresence on the web. Orders from your personal Website log in visit coo.pureromance.com. Your user name will beshipped directly from the Corporate Office. You will receive the email address used to request your starter Pack or youra 30% Commission on the Retail value of the order (less Consultant ID, then enter the password provided to youdiscounts, Sales Tax and Shipping & Handling) via Pure Pay.via email when you requested your starter Pack, unless you have changed it. How do I subscribe to corporate SMS or texting?Consultants are automatically subscribed when they request How do I get paid? a starter Pack! If at any time thinks she may have opted out There are a few ways you can get paid. You can pay yourselfof text messages, text ROMANCE to 21372 to opt in again. using the profit from selling items you have in your stockIs there a cost for the personal Website? when you purchase at wholesale on your Online Office. Or, earn commission from orders placed on your personalConsultants have access to a number of electronic tools, Website. When you have your first personal Website order,like a personal Website, all the Consultants pays is an you will receive an email prompting you to create a Pureannual Performance Tools fee which is incorporated into Pay account (powered by Hyperwallet). Pure Pay will beyour starter Pack purchase and is recharged annually on your payment portal for website commissionsyou canyour starter Pack purchase date. This fee automatically be choose where the funds go; your bank, Venmo, etc. Onceadded to your Online Office cart on the anniversary of your you set up your Pure Pay account and commissions arestarter Pack purchase. paid on the Monday following the order date. What is the Performance Tool fees? How much is it?Where can I purchase the Inventory Booster? Consultants are required to pay an annual Performance You can purchase an Inventory Booster within your firstTool fee for their personal Website, Online Office, training 30 days in business on the Online Office. Head to yourcontent, sharable asset creations, etc. of $29.99. The fee is Online Office, tap Orders Inventory Booster.incorporated into your starter Pack and charged annually on the anniversary of your Pack purchase. You can find this How do I store a credit card for the payment plan for myinformation in Renewal Settings. To view your Renewal Inventory Booster? Settings, go to the My Business tab and select To store a card for your Inventory Booster payments, logMy Information from the dropdown menu. into your Online Office. Tap: My Business My Wallet Add Credit Card To Wallet. Once you upload your credit card, make sure to assign it to Inventory Booster. 45'