b'Romance merchandise and any other promotional materialsSOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT GUIDELINES(collectively, Products).The ability to reach large audiences makes using social media Consultants agree not to sell merchandise sold by Pure Romanceplatforms an effective strategy to find new Hostesses, sell products,on any website not specially authorized by the Company, including,and identify referral leads. While promoting Pure Romance and but not limited to, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Poshmark, Kijiji, orproducts on social media can be done professionally, it can also any other sites including open marketplaces. be done in such a way that damages the overall brand and the reputation of the organization. Consultants have a responsibility to represent Pure Romance in a professional and appropriate way Consultants may not use online classifieds (including Craigslist) to list or sell Pure Romance products. You may use online classifiedsthat supports our overall mission of providing a safe environment to inform the public about the Pure Romance business or eventwhere people can learn and collaborate to enhance their sexual opportunity. Such classifieds must identify you as an Independenthealth wellness.Pure Romance Consultant. Consultants must remember that they are seeking to attract people PERSONALIZING YOUR WEBSITEto do business with them. Therefore, Consultants should carefully consider their dress, content of posts, backgrounds, and scenery, Consultant may personalize sections of her personalpolarizing social views, supportiveness, and the overall tone of Website via the Online Office. These rules apply toinformation shared on social media. In addition to representing managing Consultants personal Website:Pure Romance, your social media presence also creates a brand image for yourself. Consultants experiencing the most amount of success, create a brand that attracts people and not one that seeks The personal Website is to be used to promote your Pureto shock people. They strive to create meaningful interactions forRomance business only. Consultant may not use her personalthe purposes of helping.Website to solicit others to buy or sell products or services other than those of Pure Romance.Consultants should use social media primarily for educational Do not include the following items: street addresses andpurposes when discussing products and sexual wellness. any photographs containing nudity, or subject matter that isAll product information and communication must be truthful obscene, lewd, violent, harassing, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable. and shall not include misleading facts or statements. Before and after photos should not be altered to enhance or falsify With respect to any content uploaded to Consultants personalresults. Website or used on marketing materials, Consultant representso protect brand integrated and provide a fair selling Tand warrants that she owns or has the necessary rights, licenses, consents, and permissions to upload and use such contentenvironment for the entire salesforce, Consultants are not in the manner Consultant is doing so. This includes, butpermitted to sell products online at prices significantly lower is not limited to, the copyrights in any images uploaded tothan the suggested retail. Pure Romance does allow for Consultants personal Website. coupons and reasonable discounts to be offered to customers publicly, however, on average these discounts should not be Pure Romance may, in its sole and absolute discretion, reject,more than 20% off the regular retail price. Consultants mustrefuse to post, or remove any personalized informationnot offer discounts or other incentives to encourage a customer (including private messages) by Consultant, or restrict,to do business with her (or join the business) instead of another suspend, or terminate Consultants access to all or any partPure Romance Consultant. Pure Romance acknowledges that of Consultants personal Website at any time, for any or noon rare occasions Consultants offer steeper discounts directly to reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability toexisting customers through direct and private communication Consultant or any other person. (this includes, but is not limited to Flash Sales, product pick up parties, gift with purchase, VIP Customer rewards, etc.). Note: If Consultant becomes aware of misuse of a personal WebsiteFor those private offerings, discounting should not exceed an average of 50% off.by any Consultant, please contact the Pure Romance via the SupportThe above discounting does not apply to Free Product or gifts Portal to report the inappropriate content.provided to a Hostess for a holding an in-home party.41'