b'So Many ReasonsTo join the communityWHY SHOULD WOMEN JOIN US?: Advocate for and learn more about womens sexual wellness. Help fight the 50% divorce rate with the top reasons for divorce being: Money Infidelity Lack of Intimacy Communication Issues Reduce debtPersonal and professional development Improve connections & communicationGain new friends More time at home with family Earn extra money Empower and educate women Ability to make a difference in your life and REFERRALS & MENTORSHIP the lives of others Flexible hoursBecause of the incentives associated with the Referral Recognition for running a successful Program, Consultants may not request a different Consultantbusinessas her referrer.Although an individual may introduce a new Consultant to Associate with positive thinkers and Pure Romance, they are not tied to each other. Consultantsattitudesmay select how and from whom they would like to learn. There are numerous tools and resources available, including Work from homethe Success Team, online training and programming, as well as, collaborating with thousands of other Consultants. While these tools and resources are invaluable, the knowledge gained from them must be put into action. As an independent business owner, success is directly tied to effort. The more effort put in, the more success a Consultant will achieve. 21'