b'P PureShop Shopping RoomA point of sale (POS) app created exclusivelyA private ordering room provided to protect the Party Planning (Hostess Coaching) for Pure Romance Consultants. This systemprivacy of the customer.Communication a Consultant has with theirsimplifies tasks such as taking orders, tracking hostess prior to the party via text or call toinventory, managing parties, creating customSocial Sharable and Marketing Assets ensure a successful party. coupons, and more. Branded sharable assets to help you promote your business via social media, text, and email. Party Shopping Link Access these marketing materials on the A URL that is automatically generated whenQ website: training.pureromance.com Business a Consultant enters a party in PureShop. ThisQualified Tools Marketing Tools Google Drive Assets. link can be sent to the hostess and guests to allow them to shop the party online, and allTo become Qualified, Consultants must achieveSpecial or Daily Sales orders will count toward the hostess total party sales. $500 in personal Retail sales in her first 12An additional sale or discount offered to months. There are three ways to achieve RetailConsultants in addition to their Buying Pay Plan sales: 1.Place a Consultant Order on the OnlineDiscount. Special sales can happen multiple Buying Discounts, incentives, and bonuses thatOffice. 2. Have orders placed on your personaltimes per week and are communicated via email the Corporate Office provides to Consultants. Website. 3. Purchase an Inventory Booster. and on the Online Office.Personal Retail SalesR Success TeamThis includes sales from both ConsultantPure Romance corporate staff that help guide Orders and personal Website orders. Shipping,Re-Activate or Re-Activation and provide tools for new Consultants through tax, and items in the Business Supply categoryAn inactive Consultant can re-join bytext and calls.do not count toward personal Retail sales andpurchasing a new starter Pack.are not included when calculating eligibilitySupport Portalfor special sales, Free Product credit, incentives,Referral Bonuses The Support Portal allows Consultants and and bonuses. Bonuses awarded to a Consultant when theycustomers to submit requests to the Pure invite or refer another individual to becomeRomance team. These requests typically include Personal Website a Pure Romance Consultant and she reachesreporting delivery issues, asking product The unique URL that is assigned to eachvarious retail sales targets in their first two to 12questions, or seeking support. Consultants and individual Consultant allowing their customersmonths of business. customers may also call the Corporate Office to place orders on pureromance.com. Whendirectly if they wish not to submit a Support orders are placed through this link, PureReferrer (n.) Portal request electronically.Romance will pack and ship the order andThe individual that introduces Pure Romance Consultants will receive 30% commission onto a new Consultant and encourages her to join. Tthat customers order.Pro Academy Retail Tracking NumberA certification program offering coursesRetail is the amount that Pure RomanceThe number associated with a shipment used to to enhance sexual health knowledge,recommends for the price a customer purchasestrack location and delivery information.understand the psychology of selling, anda product. This is commonly referred to in most equip Consultants to provide customers withsales industries as MSRP or manufacturersTrade Show/Vendor Eventprofessional advice. After completing thesuggested retail price. An event such as a bridal show, job fair, or expo program, participants will become a CertifiedRetail Sales Bonus where a Consultant promotes her business.Sexual Health Consultant and receive a printedConsultant can choose between cash and Free certificate. Pro Academy certification is requiredProduct each month based on personal Retail sales.to move up in Buying Discount. Return Merchandise Authorization Pure Pay A Return Merchandise Authorization must A digital wallet that is used to pay commissionsbe obtains to return a product because of a and bonuses to eligible Consultants. Consultantswarranty issue.may also use positive Pure Pay (powered by Hyperwallet) funds to purchase product fromSthe Corporate Office.Sales TaxA tax customers pay when making a purchase. Consultants charge sales tax in applicable areas on the customers order total including shipping and handling.51'