b'Getting StartedTake action right nowWith so many resources at your fingertips, you might be wondering, where should you start? Here are a few suggestions to help you get rolling. LOG ON TO THE ONLINE OFFICE INVENTORY BOOSTERThe Consultant Wizard will walk youHead on over to the Online Office and check through setting up your account. This onlyout the latest Inventory Booster offering. You appears the first time you log on, so the nexthave 30 days to decide if this program is right time will be a breeze. for you. Buy now, pay later!DISCOVER YOUR PLEASURE POP THE BOXGreat Consultants are true lovers of theirInvite a few friends over to check out the items products. The best way to get to know thethat arrived in your starter Pack. This is a fun product line is to be your own product tester.way to introduce your business! You may find Pick 3-4 products and get to know themsome will want to help by booking a party or well. Check out the ingredients and productplacing an order.information at pureromance.com.LAUNCH, BESTIE, & ENCORE PARTIESPERSONAL WEBSITE URLLearning how to hold a party is a great way to Personalize your website by adding a photo,jump start your business. Begin with holding your story and contact information. Beginyour own Launch party. Next ask a Bestie sharing your URL to get orders flowing. Youto help you out, and consider an Encore for can find the URL on the Online Office. anyone who couldnt make it to your Launch Party.DOWNLOAD PURESHOPNEW CONSULTANT ORIENTATIONThis app is best learned with a little hands-on experience. Download on your app store. YouPure Romance holds new Consultant can also log in by visiting the Online Office. orientations on a regular basis. Make time to join us to get even more tips to get started. BEGIN PRO ACADEMY Dates and times are sent via text or SMS.Begin your journey by learning the basics of human sexuality. Sexual Wellness Certification will help build your credibility with customers. Visit the Online Office for a link to Pro Academy.23'