b'Inviting Others to JoinIs easier than ever beforeTHE RIGHT CHANCE, FOR THE RIGHT PERSON Joining Pure Romance is easier than ever before with free QuickStart Pack pop-up program. When an individual expresses serious interest in selling products, Pure Romance will gladly help her get started with a free QuickStart Pack.All she has to do is:1. Join the waitlist to request2. Attend an Online3. Complete a Post a QuickStart Pack Orientation (approx. 1.5 hours) Orientation SurveyEven though this option is free, Consultants should understand that the Pure Romance community is for those who intend to sell product to others. People interested in joining for a discount on product would be better served by remaining a customer.Since there is no gain in the Pay Plan without the sale of product to customers, we consider entry special and honestly not for everyone. We have numerous ways that Pure Romance fans can interact with us through the community, social platforms, and the Good Vibes customer loyalty program.Have somebody who wants to get started right away? New Consultants can join 365 days a year by purchasing a Pro Pack. No need to wait for a free QuickStart Pack offer.22'