b'Providing Personalized Concierge ServiceProviding an elevated experience through education30 YEARS OF TESTED EXPERIENCE We provide an elevated experience for our customers that goes beyond the standard shopping experience. Extensive trainingHOW WILL YOU LEARN and development opportunities for ourTO HELP OTHERS?Consultants, ensures that they have allBy staying a student the necessary expertise to provide each and utilizing the many customer with accurate information anddevelopment opportunities product suggestions.made available to Pure Romance Consultants. With a shared dedication to education and development, our community of passionate professionals take pride creating a world where quality sexual wellness education is accessible to all. PRO ACADEMY GLOBAL SUMMIT A required introductory sexual wellnessOnce a year, Pure Romance Consultants education program designed specifically forfrom across the globe gather to gain valuable Pure Romance. knowledge and skills to better serve their customers. This event provides the perfect This virtual, self-paced, and flexible programblend of networking, educational courses, allows you to complete it at your convenience.interactive workshops, and collaborative It features video tutorials, reading materials,discussions. This is where top Consultants and quizzes that equip you with the skills andcome to elevate their skills both personally knowledge necessary to make a positive impactand professionally. in the field of sexual wellness. This is also the time we celebrate success with Upon completion, youll receive a certificationour annual awards. Both new and experienced from Pure Romance. This certificationConsultants with a productive year can receive acknowledges you possess a foundationalrecognition. Recognition opportunities can be understanding of basic human sexuality,found later in this handbook.opening doors for you to make a positive impact on the lives of others.12'